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Puppies and kittens are cute, but it’s worth getting to know the senior pets that are often overlooked in favor of their younger counterparts. Older pets have just as much love to live, and though they may not be as active or rambunctious as the wee ones, they can be the perfect addition to your family. As we cover the benefits of adopting a senior pet, this is the perfect way to celebrate Adopt a Senior Pet Month, which is November! 

Mature dogs and cats face death or permanent homelessness at higher rates than younger ones. They tend to find themselves in shelters for many of the same reasons as younger animals, but sometimes they are surrendered or abandoned simply because of their age. Their owners may be elderly themselves and are no longer capable of supporting them physically or financially. In some very unfortunate cases, these animals are abandoned because their guardians don’t want to deal with the inevitable infirmities of an aging pet. 

Senior Animals Make Great Pets! 

They Already Know Their Manners

By the time they reach their old age, most senior pets have already been house- or litter box trained, and know basic leash manners. Their history will help determine how quickly they adapt to their new home, family, and routines. You should know that when you adopt, you are to some degree adopting the house rules of the pet’s previous guardian, but they can adapt given love, time, and positive reinforcement. 

Less Demanding

Older animals don’t need the constant monitoring and training that puppies and kittens do. They will have their routines set, and even though they may still love to play, they can relax and cuddle as well. Exercise for your more mature pet does not need to be as frequent or vigorous as with a younger animal. The fact that these pets are less demanding means that they can fit more easily into your daily routine and schedule. 

Great for Any Age

Senior pets are likely more relaxed and have already grown into their temperaments, and this makes them great for people of all ages. Older people will enjoy having a companion who is more aligned with their energy level and lifestyle. Children can benefit from an animal that may already be well socialized.