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Anyone who has a cat knows that cats spend much of their waking hours on grooming. While most of them do a pretty decent job of keeping their coats clean and shiny without much assistance, there are times when they might need a bit of extra help. Here are simple ways to help groom your cat from head to toe.

Fur and Skin

Most cats don’t like baths, so bathing a cat can be very challenging. Fortunately, it is rarely necessary as cats generally keep themselves clean.

On the other hand, most cats enjoy and benefit from regular brushing. Brushing helps remove dirt and excess fur, prevents hairballs, stimulates blood circulation, and encourages bonding. Routine brushing is especially important for elderly, sick, or overweight cats that might need some extra help with grooming

Allergies, parasites, injuries, and stress are the most common causes of skin irritation in cats. Regular use of products that prevent fleas and other parasites is a good way to keep a cat’s skin healthy.

Ears, Eyes, and Teeth

Cats’ ears, eyes, and teeth might also need some attention. Ear cleaning can help prevent issues such as ear mites and infections. Ear cleaning solutions for cats are available to help clean ears safely and effectively.

To clean the eyes, carefully wipe from the center to the outside corner using a fresh damp cotton ball for each eye. Tearing, discharge, squinting, redness, and cloudiness of the eyes are indications of possible health problems, so be sure to check with a veterinarian if these symptoms persist.

Healthy teeth and gums are especially important for cats because bacteria from the mouth can spread to other parts of the body. Signs of problems include bad breath and red and inflamed gums. Home brushing can help prevent dental disease, while some cats might need veterinary cleanings.

Feet and Nails

Regular cleaning of paw pads and toenail trimming help to prevent the possibility of injuries and infections. To trim a cat’s toenails, gently massage and press the paw pad until the nail extends, and clip only the white part of the claw.

While home grooming has many advantages, some cats are simply too resistant to the process. In these cases, it is recommended to bring them to a veterinarian or a professional groomer in order to prevent possible injuries for both pet and owner.