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Autumn is a beautiful time of year with the changing colors and the crisp tang in the air. It is the annual welcome to the holiday season. The change of seasons can cause an increase in accidents for many beloved dogs. How does Fall lead to accidents for our furry companions, and what can we do about it?

Time Change

The time after Daylight Savings changes is a period when we feel forgetful and less aware. Sometimes dogs escape their houses or fenced yards. They wander into streets or get lost in their neighborhood. For a few weeks each Fall, practice extra caution around outside doors. Also, check the antifreeze solution you use. Store it safely out of reach in the garage. It’s poisonous for all pets.

Holiday Happenings

During holidays, there may be an influx of visitors to your house. People may not understand that your dog must obey a “stay” command before they open an outside door.

The holidays also include new and interesting foods, from candy to a large ham or turkey. Decorations might need protection from dogs who are still in the chewing stage of life. This includes the extra extension cords running along the baseboards.

Training your dog protects them. It’s also a good idea to marshall the entire family into keeping an eye on pets throughout the season. Make a house rule that someone has to hold the dog whenever the door is about to open. Another option is to have a bedroom or crate where they can be secured during family visits. Post safety reminders near doors.

Hunting Season

Keep your dogs under control during the hunting seasons. Have them wear a brightly colored bandanna or a doggy hunting vest. Don’t let your dog harass wildlife, either. Bright clothes are good for walks around the neighborhood in those early twilight hours, too.

Help Fido Feel Safe

Dogs can become confused or stressed by all the changes during this season. From Halloween costumes to fireworks, some dogs just need a break from it all. Provide quiet times and safe places where they can retreat and rest. It’s a good plan for anyone during the holiday season.