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As a pet sitter, your goal isn’t just to watch pets while their owners are away. You should also seek to enrich their lives! This helps make pets happier and healthier, which ensures that their owners know that their beloved pets are in the right hands. The following activities are great places to start.

Fun and Exercise

Exercise is important for dogs as they are very active creatures! Games are a great way to bond with pets. Make sure that you first check with the pet’s owner and get permission. Some dogs may have limited mobility that you don’t know about.

A simple game of fetch is a great activity and most dogs are already familiar with how it works. This is a good option for dogs who need to stay in the backyard and not go out for walks.

Another fun option is a homemade obstacle course. There’s no need to purchase agility equipment. Instead, you can create a course with items you may already have such as hula hoops, children’s tunnels, and traffic cones.

If you’re stuck inside on a rainy day, you can play games such as finding a treat or use puzzle toys to entertain the dog. Bring along several cardboard boxes and place a treat under one of them. The dog will exercise their scent skills to find which box the treat is under. This doesn’t just provide physical stimulation, but also stimulates their mind by having them use their problem solving skills.

Social Interaction

Dogs are also very social creatures. After all, their ancestors are animals who run together in packs. Even just taking some time to talk to them and pet them will be appreciated! Some dogs enjoy snuggling on the couch. Ask the pet’s owner what the dog prefers.

Grooming is another way to provide dogs with the social interaction they crave. Even if you aren’t a professional groomer, you can still provide the dog with a good brushing. Ask the owner to leave out their brush of choice. Be gentle and start slowly, making sure to watch the dog to gauge their reaction. If they are uncomfortable, don’t continue.

These activities will help create a strong bond between you and the pet that you’re watching! Not only are you enriching the time spent with the dog, but you’ll also be investing in your pet sitting business.