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For many, furry friends are like family members and for some, almost like children. Eventually, most people need to leave or go out of town for some reason and will need to leave their pets behind. Other people work long hours and don’t want to leave their furry companions at home all day. Whether you need someone for a day, a few days or a few weeks, here are three tips to finding a pet sitter for your beloved pet.

Look Around You

In many cases, you may have a perfectly good pet sitter right nearby. Taking care of a pet is far less demanding than taking care of a baby or young child. If there is a child or teen in the neighborhood that has a special fondness for your pet, chances are good they would make an excellent pet sitter. While you may have to work out scheduling details, it is best to start with people you know and then work your way out from there if that doesn’t pan out.

Ask for Recommendations

The next place to turn if your own efforts don’t pan out is to other pet parents you know. You can also ask your veterinarian, the local humane society or even a dog trainer. In fact, a dog trainer might also offer pet sitting services themselves. Ultimately, you are looking for someone you can trust to take good care of your furry companion, so you can start your search by asking people you trust. Even if you get recommendations, however, you don’t want to just stop there. You want to ensure your furry friend also approves.

Use an Online Service

If all else fails, there are a number of online services that offer pre-vetted pet sitters. The pitfall of this, however, is that you are placing your fur baby in the hands of someone you don’t know and who has also not been recommended by someone you know directly. If you do choose to go the online route, you may want to do more investigating and possibly even interview the individual first. This is particularly important if they will be pet sitting at your home or need to enter your home when you are not there.